About Stella!

Stella's Corset was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2002 by Luz Stella Torres.

Luz Stella Torres came to Canada from Colombia in 2001 on a search for a better future. Stella knew the one piece that had to come with her from Colombia was her corset. It all started by Stella attending an ESL class and becoming friends with a girl from Jerusalem. Her new friend always complimented her figure until one day Stella decided to show her what she used under her clothes. The young lady begged and pleaded Stella to get one for her; she just had to have it! That was Stella’s first sale, the one that started the now well known brand name Stella’s Corset! And the rest is history.

Funny as it seems the name Stella’s Corset came about Stella writing her name and number on a piece of paper and then writing corset so people would not forget how they met her.

Her first car a Red Grand am was her everything! It was her office, living room, dining room, storage, everything! She travelled all over GTA area Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough and Brampton selling her corsets door to door.

Stella’s Corset, the now well known brand name for its famous corsets, body shapers, undergarments, sexy tops and butt lifter jeans! Is what ladies and men are talking about! Once you start wearing one there’s no going back! You want to be in it!

About Abraham!

Abraham Catano, a Canadian-Colombian entrepreneur, is inspired by his mother for her commitment and persistence to make the business a total success. He is now known as the co-founder and CEO of Stella’s Corset Corporation.

Through the Stella’s Corset Brand, He has become recognized as a charismatic business leader. His passion for E-commerce marketing, Personal and business development has given him the level of success he currently holds. Abraham is a demanding perfectionist who is constantly aspiring to position the brand at the forefront of millions of people who are looking to improve their overall body posture. He participates as a motivational speaker and personal development seminars to inspire others to start their own business. Abraham has been interviewed a few times on different local radio stations and other Tv Stations.