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Gluteus Enhancement Powernet Liposculpture full body with bra Gluteus Enhancement
Ref # 20316 Ref # 20523 Ref # 20316-1
PW Full Body Holes Strapless Liposculture Girdle Short Strapless Girdle
Powernet Capri Strapless
Our Price: CAD115.00
Ref #20529 Ref # 20213 Ref # 20216
Powernet Short Butt Control Powernet Short Butt Control Short Strapless Girdle
Powernet Short Back Control
Our Price: CAD100.00
Powernet Short Strapless
Our Price: CAD100.00
Powernet Short Strapless
Our Price: CAD100.00
Ref # 20217 Ref # 20215 Ref # 20214
Body Panty with Bra Powernet Brazillian Body Powernet Vest with Straps
Powernet Body Bra
Our Price: CAD80.00
Powernet Brazillian Body
Our Price: CAD70.00
Powernet Vest with Straps
Our Price: CAD70.00
Ref # 20420 Ref # 20351 Ref # 20313
Powernet Vest Sleeveless Body Panty Sport Mid Leg Gluteus Enhancement
Powernet Vest
Our Price: CAD70.00
Powernet Body Vest
Our Price: CAD70.00
Ref # 20314 Ref # 20419 Ref # 20318
Mid Leg Butt Enhancement with Open holes Zipper Corset Gluteus Enhancement Short
Powernet Zipper Corset
Our Price: CAD55.00
Ref # 20320 Ref # 20315-1 Ref # 20318-1
Gluteus Enhancement Short with Open Holes
Powernet Short with Holes
Our Price: CAD42.00
Ref # 20319

Stella's Corset Body Shapers are designed to provide you high compression on your body. These Body Shapers are made of a material called (Powernet) and Cotton fabrics. The daily use of Stella’s Corset Body Shapers will give you an immediate slimming hour glass shape.

Stella's Corset Body shapers are also designed for post-operative recuperation, post plastic surgery, breast enhancements or reductions, liposuction and tummy tucks. A medical compression garment can assist in the body’s healing process and improve procedure results, postoperatively.